Training Visa (Subclass 407 Visa)

Training visa enables a person to train in the workplace through a structured training programme by qualified trainers and supervisors. This visa can for two years and may allow you to go to another visa depending upon the conditions of your visa. If you have 12 months of experience in last 24 months or recently acquired a qualification in your profession, you may be eligible to apply for this visa.

If you are an employer looking to hire and train someone, you may be eligible to use this provision. We can assist you in assessing your business’s situation and financial situation before going for the application so that you can reduce the loss. We will explain to you about your situation and the expectation of the department so that you can be comfortable and make an informed decision.

This visa application process has three stages.

1. Sponsorship Application
2. Nomination Application
3. Visa Application

Training Visa (Subclass 407 Visa)

Sponsorship Application

This is the first stage, where we will do a pre-assessment and discuss with you the likelihood of success. We will check your business history and financials with the help of your accountant and have a confidential discussion with you. Department expects your business to have a capacity to comply with your sponsorship obligations and train the person you are trying to hire.

Nomination Application

This is another application to the department showing the training structure and plan to train the candidate along with trainers’ qualifications and experience. We work with qualified trainers to assist our clients to develop a suitable training plan and provide necessary assistance to complete training for the period of this visa.

Visa Application

In this stage, we apply for the visa for the candidate.

You will receive all the necessary and possible support from us. Above given information is selected and to the point. There is more to this visa. For more info, please visit or contact us.