407 Training Plans

Here at Widen, we are able to assist employers, applicants and migration agents by preparing training plans for subclass 407 nominations. The subclass 407 training plan is critical to the success of the nomination and needs to be tailored towards both the trainee and the nominating organisation and should be very clear in how the training plan is to address the skills gap and training needs of the trainee so that they may improve their skills in relation to the nominated occupation.

Writing a training plan is complex; the training plan needs to capture the nature of the organisation and how that organisation is able to train the individual to meet the necessary skill level required by the nominated occupation. Additionally, one must determine the nominee’s current skill level and assess the nominee’s skills gap; once the gap analysis is determined, a plan must be formulated to assist the nominee to develop their skill set appropriately, and in context of the organisation and of the occupation.

In consultation with the client, we design a detailed structured training plan with training need analysis, training module selection, and occupation mapping. We will supply you with a document checklist upon request so that you can send us necessary documents and information, enabling us to write a detailed training plan to your specification.