Here at WIDEN, we provide comprehensive accounting and taxation services that are tailored by our qualified accountant Mr. Goba Katuwal, CPA, FIPA, Tax agent number 72256004, to meet your business needs, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. WIDEN uses modern technology and innovative ideas to serve our clients nationwide. Our constant interactive approach and friendly way of dealing with you changes tedious work like accounting and taxation into fun and easy to deal

We place a high priority in customer service and satisfaction so that you can have organised and hassle-free taxation and accounting system in place for your business, our focus in on reducing your time on these things so that you can focus on your regular business activity. We understand the value of your time and how your business can profit better; we time to time provide you other related support as well.

We can assist you in the following services:

  • Business Accounting and Taxation – weather you are a family business, sole trader or even a big company; we can assist you with the preparation of financial reports and income tax return.
  • Business plans and company formation – we can assist you with preparation of business plans for any purpose, assist in company formation and other related services.
  • Bookkeeping and taxation – we provide ongoing bookkeeping and taxation services
  • Payroll – we can look after payroll for you
  • Tax planning – we can provide tax planning in order to maximise your assets and minimise your liability
  • SMSF – Fund Tax, Financial Report, Auditing and Establishment of SMSF (SOA- Authorised Financial Advisor Capstone)