Keshab Chapagain

Keshab is a registered migration agent (MARN 1576536) assisting other migration agents in various matters such as writing training plans for 407 visa subclass, providing skills assessment assistance and much other assistance.

Keshab is looking after enquiries at WIDEN and is willing to go extra to help his clients. Over the years, Keshab has developed good relations with many migration agents and has maintained that relation well.

Keshab has also looked after many visas and students individually. Keshab’s strength is to maintain a good relationship with clients, be able to stay calm in difficult situations and perform well in a pressurised work environment.

Being a migrant himself, Keshab works closely with another migration agent to help their clients with various things. Keshab also manages a Registered Training Organisation so training facilitation and problem-solving is his passion.

Keshab understands migration agents privacy and does not contact their clients without a written order. Keshab is looking forward to assisting with your matter.

keshab Chapagain