The RPL Process

The RPL Process

Step 1    Enrolment

WIDEN will enrol you in the qualification that you are wishing to gain your RPL qualification in, and then source the most appropriate RTO from amongst our Partner Colleges to best suit your needs.

Step 2   Identify units for RPL

Identify the qualification and then examine and nominate the units for which you seek RPL.

Step 3   Identify required evidence

Check critical aspects of evidence and types of evidence that can be used for the unit/s.

Step 4   Method of assessment

Discuss methods of assessment with your assessor.

Step 5    Gather your evidence

Decide what evidence you will gather to support your application. It may be in the form of an e-portfolio or hard copy portfolio.

Step 6    Skills gap

Identify areas where there is a skills gap. Plan actions with your assessor to fill gaps and gain necessary additional evidence.

Step 7    Submit your application

Complete a WIDEN Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) form.

Step 8    Assessment of your application

Present the evidence to your allocated assessor.

Step 9    RPL Outcome

RPL Granted – transcripts will show completion by our Partner College

RPL Unsuccessful – The candidate can resubmit with additional evidence or request a review.