Prerequisites For RPL


What will the assessor be looking for?

The assessor will require all the supporting evidence a candidate submits to meet the following criteria. Evidence must be:


Is the evidence sufficiently relevant to the competencies being assessed and current workplace practices?


Is there enough evidence to cover all components of the competency unit – task skills, task management skills, contingency skills and job/role environment skills – as well as provide evidence of competent performance over time? There must be sufficient quality and quantity to demonstrate to the assessor that a candidate can consistently achieve the standard required.


Can the assessor be confident they are looking at the candidate’s own work? Copies of workplace evidence must be verified as their own work by their supervisor, or clearly indicate their contribution. Copies of formal evidence must be verified as authentic against the originals by the assessor, Justice of the Peace or recognised authority.


Can the assessor be confident the candidate can perform to the standard demonstrated by the evidence now? Currency of evidence will be determined by the nature of the industry and competencies concerned, but up to 3-5 years previously are indicative that evidence is current.

Professional Conversations

Professional conversations are used by the assessor to ask questions in order to clarify or expand on the evidence a candidate has provided.